Do I have anger towards my biological mother?

I’ve been asked do I have anger towards my biological mother for giving me up for adoption?

The answer is no.

Romania was communist. Abortion was banned and so was contraception. The leader wanted to populate the country, which backfired BAD. And the country suffered for years post revolution.

I try and put myself in her position at the time. About 10,000 women died of unsafe abortions. My bio moms options were slim. Do you keep a child you can’t afford? Do you attempt an unsafe abortion and risk killing yourself and leave your other kids motherless? Or do you give it up for adoption? What if she was raped? She shouldn’t be forced to keep a child if she doesn’t want. Being open minded to her position has helped me really respect what she went through and the decision she made. I honestly cannot imagine.

So if my bio mom were to ever stumble upon my page I’d say ; I respect your decision. I love you for doing what you needed to do to keep yourself alive to care for your other children (I was the 4th child) even if that meant you needed to give me up because I was to much. Not one bone in my body has anger in it for you. I will never know what you went through. I don’t know your journey.

I survived and I will tell my story. I will raise awareness. I am for women. I will fight for women to always be able to make the decision that’s best for them. That no person will tell them what they need to do or force them to make a decision they don’t want to make. That women have their voices heard.

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