Physical + Emotional Scars From the Orphanage

I came to Canada with 4/5 scars on my back. My entire life I wanted to know what they were from. I was close to finding out around age 17 when I went to a Rheumatologist. I don’t remember if he was Romanian or did aid work in Romania something, but he knew. He said to me “you mentioned you were from an Romanian orphanage ”. “I know what these scars are from, but I’m not going to tell you so you can live your life not knowing what they did to you”. My mom and I left annoyed because we wanted to know and I had the right to know.

I’ve done much research and spoke to several medical professionals. A LOT through around the same idea, and that’s physical abuse. Obviously, I’m continuing to research to get a final answer, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I read an article which had this from a worker;

“I saw beatings every day,” Burda said. “I cannot even remember how many beatings I've seen.

Orphanage employees who didn’t hit children were considered weak. So corporal punishment was encouraged.”

It’s terrifying to think that this could have happened. I wasn’t even 1. I talk about this on my page because I think it’s important because it’s apart of my story. I want my page to be raw. My journey through life : the good and the bad. This quarantine has really made me wonder into my past and learn. Learn about orphanages and Romania. I’m also learning about the good parts of Romania and the amazinnnnng landscape they have. My god the castles are amazing. Really hope to go someday ♥️

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